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How to advance our CMS in CakePHP How to advance our CMS in CakePHP

Published on Mar 8, 2009 by Jamie Munro

At the end of part one, we had a working CMS.  Well, at least it was saving files and they could be displayed to the public.  In today's article, we are going to further advance our CMS.  We will cover the following items:

  1. fckEditor

  2. Revisions

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Tags: CakePHP | php | cms | CakePHP

How to create a CMS with CakePHP How to create a CMS with CakePHP

Published on Mar 7, 2009 by Jamie Munro

I really enjoying writing code and I find that snippets just don't always cut it for me.  So in today's article, I am going to describe the process of creating a CMS (Content Management System) with CakePHP.

This will be a two part article, in part one we will focus on getting the basics working.  The basics will include ability to add, edit, and delete static content pages.

Part two will advance on our basis and allow us to create drafts and revert back to previous versions.

To begin, let's download the latest release of CakePHP.  After you've downloaded it, extract it to a folder of your choice.  In my case it will be c:\xampplite\htdocs\CMS.  I can now access my new web site by browsing to http://localhost/CMS.

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Tags: CakePHP | php | cms | CakePHP