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About Jamie Munro

Welcome to my blog. I have been compiling articles since 2009! Below is a list of every post I've ever created. Some of my major focuses have been compiling the best source of jQuery tutorials on the Internet today. A recent focus of mine is now focusing on creating the best SQL Tutorials for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Users. This is a compiliation of all my experience about how to do common SQL commands to optimize for performance. As you might see from the links around here, I've also written and published 5 books. My first and last book are focused around ASP.NET MVC and Web API tutorials. The last book has a big focus on integrating Knockout.js as the MVVM for the front-end code. O'Reilly Media was so interested in Knockout.js that they actually commissioned me to write that book first as it is one of the only books dedicated entirely to this MVVM library. So if you're looking for the best Knockout.js tutorials, I've compiled the best list. My first book, even though it was self published, was on the PHP framework: CakePHP. I used this framework for years and many of my first ever exampes were all focused on CakePHP tutorials that provide so many fantastic PHP examples. There are so many Javascript tutorials out there, but I noticed that one of the things I work on most with Javascript is arrays. With this I've worked hard on compiling a big list of really advanced Javascript array examples. These array examples are amazing including how to group by, get distinct array elements and so many more. I've also dabbled a little bit with Node.js and during those experiments I definitely ran into some common errors like Can't set headers after they are sent, Solving No Access-Control-Allow-Origin with Node js and Express, and Uncaught ReferenceError: require is not defined. With these common errors I've compiled a list of Node.js tutorials that help solve these problems, but more importantly getting you started with the basics.

Custom Knockout js binding to confirm before variable change

Published on Feb 9, 2020

Having a user confirm a selection is a very common occurrence when an action is performed. In this Knockout js tutorial I'm going to demonstrate how to ask the user to confirm their choice. Only when the user has clicked OK will the observable value be changed. This example will leverage the ko.extender to create a custom Knockout extender.

Custom Knockout JS Extender

Facebook Development - Quick and Easy Dialogs

Published on Jun 10, 2009

At my work, whenever we have a link to delete records, we always have a simple Javascript confirm dialog pop-up.† The confirm dialog just does the standard, ďAre you sure you wish to delete this record?Ē with an OK and Cancel button.† If the user clicks cancel, the record is not deleted, if they click OK, the record will be deleted.

If youíve done some Facebook development, you will notice quickly that the alert() and confirm() functions do not work.† Iíve found this slightly annoying, so Iíve written a very simple Javascript function that letís me use the nifty dialogs that Facebook provides us.