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YSlow - Helping slow web pages load faster

Published on Feb 11, 2009

This article is a continuation to my article about FirebugYSlow is an add-on to Firebug that helps developers determine why a site is loading slowly.

After you install YSlow, if you open up Firebug in Mozilla a new tab will now appear called "YSlow".  The next steps would be to load a web site that you want to check it's performance.  After the web site has loaded, click the YSlow tab, if the results don't compile automatically, click the Performance button to run the diagnostics.

The grading is made up of 13 steps.  For each step you receive a grade from A to F.  An overall grade is compiled in the same format.

Firebug - A developer's best friend

Published on Feb 11, 2009

I think a good place to start is to describe one of my favorite tools.  It's called Firebug, it's an add-on for Mozilla browsers.

At work, if one of my co-workers comes to me in the J-Block and asks a Javascript or CSS question, before I even consider helping them I ask if they reviewed the styles or the Javascript in Firebug.  9 times out 10 if it's a really easy answer, you'll see it almost immediately with the help of Firebug.