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Bad Developers Should NOT Use Frameworks

Published on Jun 5, 2013

The sad part about this article is that the people that actually need to read this wonít.† Why; because they simply donít care about what they do.† It really is the honest truth.† Nonetheless, I will courageously continue writing in hopes that the good developers will magically convey this message to the people who need to learn it!

When you consciously pick a framework, youíve made a decision, a decision that this existing code (black box as some call it) will help me accomplish what Iím trying to do better and faster than without it.

However, there is a catch!† As you learn from a young age, nothing is free and this includes using a framework.† It takes work and effort to learn how to use the framework.† Itís not some magic tool that you wave your wand at and magically the work is done.† It can be!† Believe me it certainly can be, but only after youíve spent the necessary time to understand and use the framework!

A friendly framework reminder

Published on Apr 1, 2009

Quite often at work, I find myself reminding my team members to be sure to ALWAYS utilize the framework to it's fullest.† Just because you are unsure how to do something or have never done it before in the framework, does NOT mean that it cannot be done!

I use to have this thinking as well.† I would curse and curse, I've done this a 100 times, why is it so difficult to do with this framework!

Once I calmed down, I would Google it or look around the documentation and pretty quickly discover how to accomplish it using the framework.† 9 times out of 10, I found that it was actually extremely easy to implement.† Not only that, 7 or 8 times out of 10, it would actually save me time!† If it didn't the first time, it certainly always saved me a lot more the next time.

Why Frameworks Are Better

Published on Feb 17, 2009

Are you a person who dislikes frameworks?† Or are you a person who loves frameworks?† Or are you even a person who isn't quite sure what a framework is?† The following article will discuss the pros and cons of frameworks and the common downfalls that people fall into.

I'm not sure if it's only people I meet or a world-wide thing, but it seems people do not like to use frameworks (at least at first).† At my work, we use them on every new project.† So, when a new hot shot developer joins our team, we inevitable get to have the battle of "Ugghh, I don't want to use a framework I want to code my way and only my way".

If this is your typical response to frameworks, I suggest you continue to read and let me enlighten you on why we live and die by our frameworks.