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Developers are Authors

Published on Jun 6, 2013

This is truly a concept that has only dawned on me recently - in fact, probably within the past day or two.  The ironic part about this, I’ve actually considered myself an author for the past 3 years, since the release of my first book.  And most developers I meet or work with seem to have the same reaction when I tell them, “Oh you’re an author, that’s pretty cool.”  When in fact – as the title states – all developers are authors, including you!  Now let me tell you why.

Bad Developers Should NOT Use Frameworks

Published on Jun 5, 2013

The sad part about this article is that the people that actually need to read this won’t.  Why; because they simply don’t care about what they do.  It really is the honest truth.  Nonetheless, I will courageously continue writing in hopes that the good developers will magically convey this message to the people who need to learn it!

When you consciously pick a framework, you’ve made a decision, a decision that this existing code (black box as some call it) will help me accomplish what I’m trying to do better and faster than without it.

However, there is a catch!  As you learn from a young age, nothing is free and this includes using a framework.  It takes work and effort to learn how to use the framework.  It’s not some magic tool that you wave your wand at and magically the work is done.  It can be!  Believe me it certainly can be, but only after you’ve spent the necessary time to understand and use the framework!

Why is my calendar always full?

Published on May 15, 2013

Curse you full calendar!  I find it impossible to get anything accomplished when most of my day is spent in meetings.  More importantly, meetings with the “big wigs” always seem to be the worse.  Really, we need to spend 30 minutes to review a three page Word document that we could have read before the meeting!