In a recent blog post It's LEMP Not LAMP I discussed about making the switch to using NGINX (pronounced Engine-X). I had little-to-no issues getting by basic Wordpress blogs up and running. However, for some reason I couldn't get my older CakePHP sites up and working.

I was racking my brain forever, trying everything I could think of with the rewrite rules thinking for sure this must be the root of the cause. In the end I thought it might just be an issue with the version of CakePHP I was using, as it was an older version (1.2.x). However, I just grabbed a clean copy from CakePHP's Github of 1.2.10 and got it up and running without issues.

I'm of course even more confused at this point, so why am I writing this blog post you ask? The answer is simple, if you're having issues with getting an old CakePHP site to work on NGINX, try upgrading your CakePHP version.