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Creating your own UrlHelper Extension with MVC

Published on Mar 9, 2019

When you have a website with a lot of static content: images, Javascript, CSS, etcÖ you will find yourself constantly typing out the same path information with the exception of the name of the actual file. Creating a class extension to the UrlHelper can help greatly reduce your development efforts with a few simple additions.

Speeding up my unit tests

Published on Apr 28, 2014

I hope this isnít too extremely obvious, but I found that I had to take a step back and re-examine my unit tests to find this simple improvement to speed up my unit tests.

When I wrote about how Iím hooked on test-driven development (TDD), the example in that post was too simple and time savings are not noticed.† However, letís dive in to something a little deeper where we have a full class to test oppose to a single internal function.

How I overcame my anxieties

Published on Oct 19, 2013

Like millions of regular people, I have anxieties.† I have a rough time sleeping, I stress, and I get depressed.† Very typical behavior for many people.

Rather than pretending these issues were not real, I built an Android application and met them head on!† I created Behavior Therapy Tracker and through its constant use I was able to overcome many of my anxieties.

Let me explain my story and I hope it can help you as much as it has helped me.

Three-month work-life retrospective

Published on Sep 11, 2013

Just over three months ago, I posted a few memorable blogs (for me) in regards to a career change.† The career change has been made and I thought I would share my retrospective on how it has affected me.

Following the format of the retrospectives I have been over the past 3 months, Iíll start with a check in word:


Making the move from an 85% managerial role to a 100% development role has completely rejuvenated me.† In the past three months I have gained an incredible amount of knowledge and furthered myself as a person and a developer.

Moving along to the next items:

  • What do I want to stop doing?

  • What do I want to start doing?

  • What do I want to continue doing?

Behavior Therapy Tracker

Published on Sep 1, 2013

Since I've become an adult, I've had stresses, anxieties, compulsive behaviors.† I've always had a hard time dealing with them.† In fact, in looking back now, it dates back to even my childhood.

I created this Android app Behavior Therapy Tracker as a tool to help me; which it has immensely.† It works by creating a list of behaviors.† This list can contain anything that you wish to track.† For example:

  • Stressed about work

  • Unable to sleep

  • Checking I turned the oven off

Along with behaviors, a list of refocusing activities are required.† When youíre practicing behavior therapy, itís important to first recognize your behavior (the list you created previously) and attempt to train your mind to ignore or avoid it.† This is often accomplished with a refocusing activity.† For example, when you are stressed, itís often a good idea to turn the negative thoughts into positive thinking.† Positive thinking is often a fantastic tool to overcome many anxieties and disorders.

After your behaviors and refocusing activities are created, you can now begin tracking your behaviors with this simple form:

For best results for tracking purposes, itís advised to attempt and enter each occurrence immediately or on the same day.† The reporting tools that have been created can hopefully help you detect patterns in your behavior, arming you with tools to help fight them in the future.

Why is this a paid application?

I've made this a paid application because I have a family to support and I invested a lot of time in creating this application.† As a sign of support in return for what will hopefully help you, Iím asking for a small payment.

Will you continue to add features?

Yes.† I already have a few ideas in mind to extend the functionality of this application.

Share your thoughts

I would be more than happy to hear your thoughts on the app.† Donít hesitate to email me at info at

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