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Reset UINavigationController

Published on Apr 6, 2009

The following is a neat little trick to reset your navigation controller when it is integrated with UITabBarController.

The following code will pop the navigation controller up when the user clicks on your tab bar item.  I'll begin by showing a bit of code that needs to take place.  It's going to be a quick overview of this to focus on the main function to reset the navigation controller.

UINavigationController Background Color

Published on Mar 31, 2009

Boy today was a frustrating day.  Over the past month or so, when I have some free time at work I've been learning Objective C to create iPhone applications.

Today, I struggled and struggled to do the most simplistic thing ever and I wanted to share it with everyone so if you get stuck with the same problem, hopefully you will solve it a lot quicker than I did.

What I was trying to do was to change the background color of the "blue" navigation header.