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ActivityIndicator with a UIWebView

Published on Apr 15, 2009

Because you can never be sure how long it will take to retrieve content from a web page and have it displayed on the iPod/iPhone, it's quite nice to provide the user with an indication that the content is being retrieved.

The following article provides a nice and easy way to start and stop and animation indicator when the content is being retrieved and has been loaded.

Scroll a UIWebView

Published on Apr 4, 2009

I struggled with this one for quite a while.  I kept searching and searching, all I could find was forums and no one seemed to have an answer!

Well, if you're here, don't worry, I have the answer you have been looking.  Let me show you how to make a UIWebView scrollable for your iPhone application.

Transparent UIWebView

Published on Apr 2, 2009

The other day I was working on my iPhone application.  In the application I have a view.  This view creates a UIWebView.  I then proceed to load content from a webpage into the web view.

This works great.  I was then tasked with adding a bit of style to the view.

I started by creating all of the style in the webpage, but I quickly realized that this was causing the load to be a lot slower.  Instead I had to integrate the design into the view and simply display the content from the webpage in the design.

This was going pretty well until the webpage sat like a big white blob on top of my nice image.  I couldn't let this be and had to find a solution, luckily it wasn't to complicated.