Iíve only been doing TDD for a few weeks, but Iím completely sold.† I donít want to go back!† Iíll be honest though, it hasnít been easy.† Iíve made mistakes, Iíve wasted time, but Iím really starting to reap the benefits.

Iíve always thought I was a good developer.† I write decent code and it works mostly as expected.† It took me many years into my career before I wrote my first unit test.† It always fell into the category of too time consuming or expensive.† Oh the irony!

As I started learning how to write to unit tests, I always found myself rewriting things I already did just to get them to be unit tested; how frustrating!† A unit test that should have only took a few minutes, ended up taking a really long time because the code had to be refactored just to be tested.† No better way to turn you off from unit testing.

Enter test-driven developmentÖ