Executing raw SQL queries using Entity Framework Core Executing raw SQL queries using Entity Framework Core

Entity Framework Core allows users to execute raw SQL queries directly against the database for situations where the LINQ database is not a valid database query or unless the SQL has not been compiled properly or is not scalable enough.

Raw SQL queries in EF-Core

Entity Framework Core LINQ queries can be embedded in the database depending upon the requirements and application needs. The query generated in the application will help execute this command if the using raw sql isn't suitable for the application but the JavaScript Fetch API might be.

public void ExecuteSqlQuery(string sql, params object[] parameters)
Context.Database.ExecuteSqlCommand(sql, parameters);
public IEnumerable ExecuteSqlQuery(Type type, string sql, params object[] parameters)
return Context.Database.SqlQuery(type, sql, parameters);

In the Entity Framework core the capability for creating a query is available via LINQ operators. EF Core treats SQL statements like subqueries, which then put the information into the database.

But composing on raw data using the Linq Operator entity types the statement cannot take place unless the available raw data is composable. If not then the document is rejected and this would result in the failure to execute the application.

var searchword: "Horror";
var movie = contexts. Films.
SQLInterpolation("SEEK * FROM DBOB MovieCategories(search term")". $. Where (a)=> b. Rated above four. Order by ascending(b=> b. Rating).
Variable search term = horrors;
var movie contexts. Films and column names.

SQLquery example

Entity Framework Core supports parameterized queries, which allows a developer to prepare queries to use. Having a compiled SQL query will prevent SQL injection attacks in your application.

Consequently, when an operation has been completed, the developer can add appropriate parameter. When using a parameterized query, placeholders usually replace parameters and are replaced with the parameters when executed. ) For a specific query.

First or default().

RawSql($"SELECT*FromActor - actorID - ID")

Get started with Entity Framework Core and SQL Server

This example uses Visual Studio 2018. The Visual Studio 2019 version can be downloaded here. Visual Studio 2019 can be installed on Windows if you're using Visual Studio 2019.

The console app would be created in Visual Studio 2019. The project will be discussed further in the article. This example uses AdventureWorks' databases for simplicity, but avoids requiring any database creation in future. The database is free to download from AdventureWorks' website.


This is a DBS set. FromSqlRaw methods (DbSet. FromSqL before Entity Framework Core 3.0). This method allows to send SQL commands that are executed on the database for instances of Db Sets of the type. This must be returned in a DbSet.

The table's target column must be included in SQL statements. The columns should be named in accordance with property mappings. When results are diluted into instances the property name cannot be considered.

In versions EF Core before the 2.0 update, there was no way to use FromSqlRaw methods to return properties directly to databases. If you are using Books as a simple example, this method does not work, however, it may prove inefficient as all columns will have the same properties as the data from the mapping Table. Return of Ad Hoc and not DbSet types is supported from SQL Core 1.1 through query types.

Using the database. ExecuteSqlCommand property with Entity Framework Core and SQL Server

The Execute SQL commands method in the Database classes also works when performing raw SQL on the database. In fact, it exposes properties of the type database.

Note that executing an insert update and deletion operation with Database.ExecuteSqlCommand is a simple procedure. It will never be possible for someone to retrieve data. It shows the SQLCommand execution method and its use in this program.

Using the DbSet.FromSql method with Entity Framework Core and SQL Server

You may use DBSet. FromSQL method for running SQL on a database with the result returned as entities. This example shows a simple way to use this method in SQL statements. This statement returns employee records that have been paid to them. A code list can be seen in the next section. You can even specify which rows to retrieve. It is shown below in the Codesnippets section.

Using FromSqlRaw method instead of FromSqlRaw method

Microsoft removed FromSql Methods after the EF core 3 release to replace FromSqlRawmethod. This was done to simplify the process of taking the necessary action. FromSql is confusing for the system to accidentally trigger a resulting raw String Method in EF Core. The release of Core 3 allows for the creation of parametrised queries using FromSqlRaw methods.

Summary Using Entity Framework Core and SQL Server

The ability to perform raw SQL queries on database is a nice feature in Entity Framework Core. It is particularly valuable when analyzing data from LINQ. EF Core contains some limits to the processing of raw SQL queries. That includes:

Stored Procedures

The SQL Command is used to perform a valid SQL command that returns the information required. Using the FromSqlRaw method stored operations may also be called by passing values to names.

Using Stored Procedures with Entity Framework Core and SQL Server

SQL query execution is also done using stored Procedures. This code example shows a way of achieving it. You may add parameters to the storage procedures using FromSql.

Using Parameterized Queries with Entity Framework Core and SQL Server

In this codesnippet, we demonstrate using parameterized queries for executing raw SQL queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I run a plain SQL in ef6?

This technique will allow you to execute SQL queries in an SQL file with Entity framework.6Excute Raw DataQuery on Enterprise. Db sets. SQL queries. Db context. Databases. Query SQL(). DB contexts. Data base. Executing sqlCommand().

What is a raw query in SQL?

RawQuery is another escape hatch where the user builds his SQL query in run-through while the object is still being converted. The RawQuery method returns an empty type. For queries that return nothing, use Roomdatabase#query method.

Can we write SQL query in Entity Framework?

Entity Framework Core provides an alternative SQL query for a relational database. Raw querying is helpful if your query doesn't have the capability to express using LinQ. Raw SQL queries are used in cases where LINQ query results in an incorrect SQL query.

How do I view a SQL query in Entity Framework?

2. Viewing. Breakpoint hits after question. Use this text visualization option to view SQL created from Entity Framework Core 5. Visualiser of text displaying the query created by EF Core 5. ToQueryString() will send an output to console. The output of the web server shows SQL statements.

How do I run a SQL query in Entity Framework?

This method allows the application of raw SQL query queries to databases using Entity Framework 6…Execute raw queries in Entity Framework 6. Db set. SQL query(). Context in a database DBContexts. Databank. SQL queries. Bt context. Databases. ExecutionSqlCommand().

How use raw SQL query in Entity Framework Core?

Entity Framework Core provides the capability to drop down to query Raw SQL when using relational databases. Raw SQL queries help express queries that cannot be expressed using LINQ. Raw SQL queries are also used when LINQ queries result in inaccurate data.

Does Entity Framework use SQL?

Entity Framework Core can be used as one of many modern objects database mapping programs. Network. It supports querying LINQ changes and schema migration. EF Core supports numerous databases including SQL databases (both on-site and Azure), SQLit, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

What is entity SQL in Entity Framework?

Entity SQL is a SQL language allowing queries to conceptual models using Entity Framework. Concept models describe data entities and relationships and SQL lets you query the data entities and relationships in a format familiar to SQL users.

How can I directly execute SQL queries in LINQ?

Add LINQ to SQL classes. Move the tables as required. Copy that to the main method. We create a sample datacontext class and use the ExecuteQuery function for the execution of the SQL queries.

Which of the following executes a raw SQL query in the database using EF core?

Enterprise Framework Core supports DbSet. FromSqL() method for executing raw SQL query for database and obtaining results in entities objects.

What is SQL Entity Framework?

Entity Framework is an Object Relationally Mapping tool that enables developers to create databases simply by writing code. CodeNET. Stored procedures are optional in EF; they should be used if desired.

What is difference between SQL and Entity Framework?

Answered. Entity Framework provides a means to query and modify SQL Server databases. It can also be adapted for various database types. Supports complex types.

How do I run a SQL query in LINQ?

Add LINQ to your SQL class files. Drag the tables in the appropriate position to the desired location. Copy this in the method. This method executes SQL queries in the execution order of an example.

What is a query entity?

QueryENTity( entity query, fetchTotalCount etc ) Executes queries to a given data store entity. Returns results.

What does database ExecuteSqlCommand return?

2. The results from SQL executing are shown below.

How do I run a plain SQL in EF?

This method is able to execute raw SQL query in databases using Entity Framework 6. Execute raw data query in Entity Framework 6. DbSets.com. SQL query Db-text Databases. SQLQuery_() Db contexts. Databases. Perform SQL Command().

How do I get SQL generated by Entity Framework?

The generated data is displayed by calling ToTracingString() for the query. In your watch window you can set the breakpoint to see what queries will appear in any LINQ query. It is easy to install a tracer on any server and will show you a final query with the finest details.

Can we use SQL query in Entity Framework?

Entity Framework allows for SQL execution for relationally-oriented databases and databases.

How write raw SQL query in Entity Framework?

This method allows you to run SQL queries using Entity Framework 6…Experience raw SQL questions using Entity Framework 6. DB sets. SqlQuery(). Db contexts. Databank. SQL query. Db contexts. Databank. ExecuteSqlCommand().

Which of the following executes a raw SQL query to the database in EF core?

Entity Framework Core supports DbSet. FromSql method to perform raw querying on the database and retrieve result as entity object.

What does ExecuteSqlCommand return?

Execute sqlcommand. DbContext exposes a DB-type property and includes method execution sqlCommand. This method gives a number that specifies how many rows are affected when SQL is compiled. Valid functions include INSERT, EVALUATE or DELEASE.

How do I run a select query in Entity Framework?

Query methods are described by SQL Query Type. SQL queries for particular entities. SQLQuery in specific entity Type. // DBContexts. DbPersonnesentities = NewdbPersonneEntities(). Customer list bc. Customer. MySQL query ("selection" of customers) List().

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