Interesting CakePHP Bakery Components Interesting CakePHP Bakery Components

I enjoy researching what other people are doing in the CakePHP world and I came across several interesting components at CakePHP's bakery website:

Wizard Component

This component looks pretty neat and easy-to-use.  You import the component and set a list of steps that the wizard will traverse through.  You then create views for those steps with forms that submit to themselves.  The wizard will then process the form and proceed to the next step for you persisting the data along the way.

Breadcrumbs Component

This is a component and helper all-in-one.  Inside your controllers, you define the breadcrumbs in each function and you alter your app controller to automatically render the breadcrumbs on each page for you making it a pain-less process to add breadcrumbs to your site!

SMS Text Message Component

This is a component that is written specifically for Panaceamoblie that is a helpful service to allow your website to send SMS services.  It works very similar to the EmailComponent.

Published on Feb 3, 2011

Tags: CakePHP Tutorial | sms

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