SFTP 413 Request Entity Too Large error SFTP 413 Request Entity Too Large error

The fix for this error involves lowering the max file size of the computer. Once this is clear you will never see this error again. In this case the 413 Request Entity Size error is necessary. As a side-note in the article, we have referred to SFTP instead of FTP. Basically the former is safer (and hence the name). Although the differences may differ in the functionality, they can still vary across many applications. A further benefit of this website's dashboard is that MyKinsta provides many useful features for you to get a quick access to my server easily.

Try uploading a large file to your server through SFTP

It is good for you to bypass the front end user interface and upload an entire large file to a website. This can be accomplished via SFTP. This happens when protocols like SFTP and HTTPS are close to the ground in relation to the method of access your server. Also it's possible to eliminate issues in the front end that might cause the errors. You can login into your site with SFTP and search for the folder within your site folder. Here you have a file to upload. Then add your file to your server folder then see what happens.

Check server permission errors

Permission errors are a problem which prevents server requests from running. In that regard, check the user permissions to upload large files. When the problem is corrected, the error is gone. First we must find out whether this will affect one user or several users. Having a 413 request entity too big can give you a better understanding of what's going to demand input from multiple users. There's two things we suggest to fix errors.

Published on Aug 7, 2022

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