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Android ListView with a Footer Form

Published on Sep 26, 2013

During the creation of my first Android application Ė Behavior Therapy Tracker Ė I wanted to display a list of behaviors to manage; more importantly though, I wanted an easy way for users to add new behaviors to the list.

My solution to this problem was simple, add a one-liner form to the footer of my ListView that contained the behaviors.

Why Java Makes Me Tremble In My Boots

Published on May 6, 2013

Let me begin by saying that I have not spent a lot of time in Java.† I learned it in college (some 12 years ago) and Iíve used it sparingly throughout my development career.† To date Iíve never done a full project using only Java.† And ironically, one of the main reasons I havenít is I donít know where to startÖ