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Why Java Makes Me Tremble In My Boots Why Java Makes Me Tremble In My Boots

Published on May 6, 2013

Let me begin by saying that I have not spent a lot of time in Java.† I learned it in college (some 12 years ago) and Iíve used it sparingly throughout my development career.† To date Iíve never done a full project using only Java.† And ironically, one of the main reasons I havenít is I donít know where to startÖ

†On a regular basis I typically use either C# or PHP.† At my current employment, C# seems to be the day-to-day; however, when we have a small project or I have a small project on my own, Iíll use PHP.† Itís quick (in terms of development) and nimble (it terms of being run-time interpreted) so it lets me cheat my way through simple projects.

Now, the reason Java development scares me is two-fold:

  • What framework should I use?

  • What HTTP server should I use?

I probably only know a handful of Java developers and Iíve asked each of them both of these questions.† Guess what, I get very different answers from each of them.

Again, ironically, itís not that this is a bad thing Ė in reality itís a really good thing as Iím not limited to what I choose.† Itís just a very daunting first step!

When Iím using PHP, over the past 5 years, this does seem to be a similar situation with frameworks.† MVC frameworks are a dime a dozen.† The major difference here is I chose a framework a long time ago before this massive in fluctuation and havenít really detoured since.

C# does not seem to have this issue at all.† There are very few choices Ė yet to be determined if this is good or bad J

The second issue Ė the HTTP server Ė seems to be strictly a Java issue.† In PHP I have very minimum choices of what can serve up my PHP pages: Apache, Nginx, or IIS Ė excluding some recent custom built solutions hereÖ

C# is even more limited: IIS Ė unless weíre exploring something like Mono to run it on (L)Unix Ė which I have never personally done.

At the end of the day, a language to me is just a language.† Syntax is slightly different of course between them, but definitely not a hurdle to switch.† The major hurdle is once you choose a language, the right underlying technology becomes the most important thing Ė and this is where I struggle when it comes to Java Ė I just donít know...

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