A Simple SEO Trick To Boost Your Rankings A Simple SEO Trick To Boost Your Rankings

The following article is going to be short and sweet, but applying this technique will help you move up those all important rankings.

The technique involves updating your <title> tag.† With a few simple changes, your ranking for your targetted keywords will begin to immediately climb (well not immediately, but next time Google crawls your web page).

Obviously, we cannot guarantee anything, but on a web site that I built recently, I was ranked between 12th and 15th for my keywords.† When I analyzed my listing and my competitors it was pretty clear what my problem was.† I was too concerned with including my domain name/site name at the front of the title!

This might seem quite obvious to some, however, to others glass might be shattering now as you think about how obvious it is.† Who cares about your domain name, your domain name will not attract visitors, the content on your page will!

Let me provide a visual example.† First the wrong way:

EndYourIf.com - How to get indexed by Google in ONE hour

Now, the better way:

How to get indexed by Google in ONE hour - EndYourIf.com

See the difference?† In the first example, the first 15 characters are wasted with my domain name, in the second example, the first 15 characters start to describe my keywords that I want to attract.† This is simply for the search engines to get your keywords closer to the start.† But think if you were searching for getting indexed on Google.† Wouldn't the second example catch your eye quicker?

In the web site I applied this technique to I went from the 12th to 15th spot into the top ten!† Sitting between 6th and 8th place.

Hopefully you have a simple way to quickly update all of your page titles to improve your rankings.† I hope every one who attempts this comes back and reports their results to share with others!

Published on Feb 16, 2009

Tags: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) | google | seo

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