The Shocking Truth to Website Success...and itís not top Google Rankings! The Shocking Truth to Website Success...and itís not top Google Rankings!

Do I believe in SEO?† Absolutely I do.† Do I believe in link popularity?† Absolutely I do.† Do I believe in targeted keywords?† Absolutely I do.† Do I think itís the most important thing?† No, I donít.† I am going to reveal to you the true method to a successful website on the Internet!

Being well ranked in Google on specific keywords is good.† Incoming links, both reciprocal links and one-way links are great.† But it will only really pay dividends after youíve focused on success, the true way.

Let me ask you a question, how did you learn about Google?† How did you stumble upon Facebook?† What about Twitter?† I could go on and on and I bet for almost every one I ask you, your answer will NOT be a search engine.

Think back, how did you hear about it?† I heard about Google through a friend, same with Facebook.† Twitter I heard about on the news and not even web based news, but on the TV!

Are you starting to understand what Iím getting at?† Word of mouth is the key to success.† Word of mouth will by far out succeed top Google rankings.† As word spreads, it will only spread faster over time.† As people talk about, people will start linking to you, not because youíve asked them to, but because they want to.† They want to share with the world how great your website is.

This is the true power to being successful online.† You wonít even have to worry about doing search engine optimization.† Your website will SEO itself by people wanting to go to your site, wanting to link to your website.

Let me tell you about a website I created a while ago.† It allows users to browse the TV guide and add their favorite TV shows to a notification list.† Hours before the show will be airing; the service will send you a text message to your cell phone.† The website is called ďWhatís On TV NowĒ.† Itís a great little service especially if you are like me and cannot remember when all of your favorite TV shows air.

Now the question comes, how can I make my website spread through word of mouth?† Itís not as hard as you think; itís as literal as the term.† When you go out, talk to people; tell them about your website.† It will be a lot more affective then SEO because you will have their attention for much more than 5-15 seconds.

Word of mouth is just a phrase; it doesnít actually have to be verbally stated.† As you may have noticed, I just told you about a website of mine that is listed on Google, but it will never receive the attention as you just gave it now with my one paragraph description.† Other ways to share could be: write a note on your Twitter or your Facebook status.† More importantly, tell your friends about it, encourage them to help you spread the word and it will happen.

ďIf you build it, they will comeĒ.† I think this quote is quite fitting for this article.† They will come, they may not come easily, but if you spread the word, people will find it.† As people like it, they will continue to spread the word.† Ensure your website makes it easy to perform viral marketing by adding ďEmail to a FriendĒ button or the social networking buttons, ďAdd ThisĒ or ďShare ThisĒ, etcÖ

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Published on Jun 15, 2009

Tags: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) | google | seo | Theory

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