C# - Convert an Enum to a list C# - Convert an Enum to a list

Enums are great to help you strongly reference values without using "magic" strings. Normally I use them in conditional if statements. However, recently I wanted to get all values into a List, where T is your Enum. Let's explore how Enum.GetValues will help.

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Using Enum.GetValues for C# Enum to list

Using the Enum.GetValues you can cast your enum type to an IEnumerable followed by a ToList if you wish to convert it into a list.

Below is a full example of converting an enum called AnEnum into a List:

var listOfEnums = Enum.GetValues(typeof(AnEnum)).Cast<anenum>().ToList();

C# Enum Code Examples with Enum.GetValues typeof

C# enum example. The C# enum, also enumeration datatypes, are enum.getvalues. Enums are used to specify names of integrals that can have a variable assigned. Every piece in enum is represented by a value containing zero. enum in C#. NET uses enumerating a unique type that contains a set of name constants called a number of lists. Enums are typically declared public in Namespaces which are available for any class of Namespace. An enum in C# can only be declared using the enum keyword followed by the enum name in brackets. Here's an enum example, Day.

How to convert an enum to a list in c# and VB.Net?

EnumTypes internally are enumerators, and lists of the enumers are included. When you have several variables with logical links, this is the easiest way to combine them in an enumeration.

How do I enumerate an enum in C#? Or How to loop through all enum values in C#?

System GetValue methods are available here. Enum is used when you loop the enum value. The snippet above stretches across Color Enum. GetName method for system. Enum returns a string value for every element in the enum. A code loop is shown below for each of the elements in the enum.

How do I convert an enum to a string?

ToString() is used for converting enum values to strings. The following code examples convert the number of 3 to strings.

How can I get enum values in C#?

Using System. GetValue methods. Enum is a way of looping through a value from an enum value. loop in color enum.

Can you call an enum by the number value?

Is that true? GetName will retrieve a value from the enum. This codesnippet is named for Day 3 element.

How to declare enums?

This C# code example specifies 3 enums, Days, Months, and colors. This can be done by c#. INFO. In the enum element's numeric format, it starts at zero, incremented by one. Alternatively, it's possible to change numeric values by using declarations. After an enum value is modified, the next value is automatically an incremental value if the value was not overridden explicitly.

Can we convert enum to list in C#?

I'm using a number: '. The GetValues() method provides a list with enum values. To get an IENumerable with every enum value, use casting in the array. For a listing call ToList() in a casting session.

How do you find the value of an enum?

We can use typecasts in enum to find a value. In the first example the default type is int. Therefore we must typecast it to int. In addition, the string value can be obtained through Tostring() methods like this one.

What is enum in C#?

Enumeration types are a value type defined by a number of named variables that form the underlying integral numeric types. The EnumType is defined by using Enum Keyword. The name of the member of the Enum. c#copy. - Number of seasons.

What does enum valueOf return?

Values. Returns the enum constants of the specified enumtype in specified names and fields of data. The name must match the exact ID of the enum constant in the types described above. The use of extra white spaces is prohibited.

How do I get all the enum values in typescript?

To obtain all of the enum values in an array, send this value to the object. the methods values. consts = objects. Strings of integers in stringenums.

What are enum values?

Enum types are special data types that permit a variable to contain predefined constants. This must correspond with a predetermined value. Typical examples are directions of the compass and days of the week.

How do I get a list of enum names?

Tell me the easiest method of looping the enum name into java code? Use the C# enumeration. GetValues() method for getting Enum's maximum value. And if you want the complete list of entries, use C# Enums. Getname(). Then use fetch or loop the C# numeraries to encrypt or loop a value.

Can you have an ArrayList of enums?

Is there a way for the enum lists and objects to be stored as a single list? List = NewArrayList(); List.

Is enum same as list?

Enums are used for the definition of name-added values of variables. Consistent values, as defined, are essentially not allowed as const variables. While lists store things. Which can be altered by deleting or changing values of lists.

Can you have a list of enums?

Using Java 10 and later, you can easily create nonmodifiable lists via the EnumSet command. Normally, the list will be ordered according to enumsets iterators. EnumSet has the iterator orders that are defined by the element object in this Enum set.

How do you convert an enum to an array?

To make an enum into an array. Use objects. Method to retrieve arrays containing key data from a given enUM. Removes any unnecessary value from the numeric enum. Use map() to loop over a table and return a data object each time.

How do I convert an enum to a string?

Can you cast an enum?

It is possible to add ints to certain types of enums as shown here in Scripts.

Can you loop through all enum values in C#?

Yeah. Use the function GetValues() on the system. Classes for integer.

Can we return enum in C#?

The enumclass method returns true if a bit field is a given in an instance. Change the string representation of the names or numerical values of constants of any enumerated object to equivalent enumerated object. Return the representation string values for the instance.

Can I iterate through enum?

Enumbers contain methods to iterate such as each.() or iterate() methods. Instead it is possible to use arrays for enum values returned via value() methods.

How do you find the value of an enum in an array?

For a list of enum values, pass the enum in the object. Methods values() and ect. consts = Objects. Value(StringEnum).

Can enum be a list in C#?

Enums are keywords used in C#. NET is used to define the enumeration a distinctive type consisting only of named parameters called enumerating lists. A common feature in namesspaces is that a class can be declared as "public".

How do you list enums?

This idea uses a num. The GetValues() method retrieves the enum constant value array. Calling Cast() on array returns an IEnumerable for every value in this value. To see the lists, call ToList() before casting.

What is enum in C# with example?

In C# enums (enumerations types) are used to assign constant names to groups of numerical integers. The constant values can also be read more efficiently. Mondays are easier to read than numbers zero when talking about a single day a week.

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