Web Developers are Warriors Web Developers are Warriors

Sick days?  What's a sick day?  I know at my place of work, we don't take them.  Today is a great example of that.  I couldn't even get out of bed yesterday, Sunday, but today, with work knocking on the door, I got up nice and early, popped some medication to get me through the day and here we are 9 hours later at home blogging!

Today's article, won't contain anything informative, just a message to other web developers out there like me, who feel like crap on the weekend, but still get up to work on Monday.

Sometimes, I'd actually take the day off, but today, like many days, I had to move a web site live.  I knew if I stayed home and asked someone else to do it that it would be more stressful than not going in!

So, to all you other web developers, you know what, let's not just limit to web developers, to all you other courageous people who get up in the morning, feeling like garbage, but still go in to work, CHEERS!

I'm hoping to be back tomorrow to blog another day.

Published on Mar 30, 2009

Tags: Theory

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