Why Is Internet Explorer Better? Why Is Internet Explorer Better?

I'm guessing I probably got your attention with this one?  I'm also guessing that you cannot scroll down fast enough to the comments box and start typing a bunch of nasty messages to me.

WAIT!  Before you do that, let me explain why.

It's quite simple, when I make this statement, I am referring to web development.  I am a web developer, I build web applications for clients.  9 out of every 10 of my clients use Internet Explorer to review my work.  If I didn't use Internet Explorer, I can almost guarantee that I will always have a bug complaint regarding how something looks in their browser.

No matter how simple my CSS is or even my Javascript, because Internet Explorer cannot follow a standard something is bound to go wrong.  In fact, some times you can spend hours working through a problem that only occurs in Internet Explorer and not in a real browser like Firefox.

Hopefully by now you've discovered that I am being sarcastic and I dislike Internet Explorer very much.  Unfortunately, I cannot abandon it, so if you are in a similar situation that I am in stay tuned as I am working on several new articles that discuss the differences between Mozilla and Internet Explorer to help us all become better web developers.

Hopefully, if we all master these we can actually stop testing in Internet Explorer (I can dream can't I?)!

Update: I have published the first article discussing the differences between Internet Explorer and Mozilla.  I will continue to maintain this list as the articles progress.

Published on Feb 15, 2009

Tags: Mozilla | Theory

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