Why is my calendar always full? Why is my calendar always full?

Curse you full calendar!  I find it impossible to get anything accomplished when most of my day is spent in meetings.  More importantly, meetings with the “big wigs” always seem to be the worse.  Really, we need to spend 30 minutes to review a three page Word document that we could have read before the meeting!

Or we need a meeting to decide who will do the work the meeting was scheduled for?  Come prepared folks, it makes everyone lives easier.

I’m a big fan of somebody take the first stab and then we can have a meeting to review.  So much more is accomplished.

The sad part is it seems after a certain period of time nobody wants to take ownership.  For some reason, ownership means overtime.  This of course shouldn’t be the case, but since we constantly delay and deadlines don’t change…

Ok, time to </rant>.

Published on May 15, 2013

Tags: Rants | rants

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