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Should I Leave My Job? Should I Leave My Job?

Published on May 24, 2013

This is a question I recently had to ask myself.† Itís not an easy decision.† As a father of three and the sole provider, it places a lot pressure on me.† Changing jobs is never an easy decision and this makes it even harder.

At the end of the day, to answer this question I had to ask myself one question in turn:

Will I or will my current employer be able to fix the issues Iím currently facing on a daily basis?

If the answer is no, then the choice becomes much simpler.† When the answer is yes, then you need to place the focus on the new company you are thinking about.

Itís important to not fool yourself thinking that the grass is greener on the other side.† Every company will probably have ďsome issuesĒ.† Itís all about whether you can deal with those issues on a daily basis.

Also, while the grass may not be greener, fresh sod is always greener for a short while unlike dead grass!

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